Taking the Initiative

18 Aug

Hey Y’all, long time no write huh?  Well Ella Whatever was feeling a little under the weather but I am back and better now so let’s get to it! 🙂

So often I’m asked/told about a guy/girl who likes someone but they seem to always be dancing around the whole truth of the matter. WHY?? When you like someone, why is it so hard to put yourself out there?  All I ever hear are excuses as to why changes are not being made.

Example 1:

They just got out of a long-term relationship “awhile” ago and I’m not sure they’re emotionally ready. *awhile being any timeframe*

My theory on long-term relationships is when they go sour and they finally come to an end, it’s really about time.  I’ve noticed a lot of times that one, if not both, checked out of that relationship looong ago and just stuck it through out of comfort and security. When the feelings of sexual emotional attachment are usually done, then they are just in a really nice friendship.  Chances are they’re more emotionally ready to move on than you think.

Example 2:

They were together so long, they’ll probably end up back together.

This goes two ways here: Either Yes, they will OR No, they won’t.  You can only repeat the same relationship for so long before it is over. Plus, how can you expect them to know how you feel if you don’t give them the pleasure of knowing how YOU feel. They need to know the options are there otherwise you’re going to be sulking behind your grin as you wave bye to them and their next date.

They are still in a relationship.

Now this is a touchy subject here.  I’ll give you that. BUT I do believe, All is Fair in Love and War. If you are more compatible and emotionally equipped to be with this person, then go for it.  You don’t find the right one unless you date a bunch of wrongs! And you certainly don’t do that by drawing out every relationship into an era otherwise you end up settling! Now I get it, you are trying to be respectful but you have to play a little dirty to win in the end.

My whole point here with these scenarios, when you want it, get it. The worst that can ever happen is they don’t feel the same and rejection can and does happen. But I’d rather get rejected than always wonder if I could have gotten the relationship on my own.  There is no reason anymore to wonder if fate is going to play in our favor, if the daisy told us they loved us, karma’s going to reward me, or if you’re just waiting to see if they’ll ever make the move.  Something you have to remember, as much as technology and science has educated us and brought our intelligence up, people are still dense and some don’t have a clue with love.  Do yourself a favor and hit them with the knowledge!


One Response to “Taking the Initiative”

  1. Carolina August 19, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    Hi Ella
    I agree with you and I also think that “if you want it, go get it”….. if you really like a guy/girl even if you just met this person you have to put yourself out there or else there not gonna know what you’re feeling. Yes I understand that most of are afraid of the one thing REJECTION but seriously what’s the worst that can happen, you have to be prepared for the results and just really try, so when you look back you can feel good about it and say “at least I tried” or for the lucky ones “I’m glad I tried”…. either way you have to give it your best and know that you’re probably gonna fall on the way but you have to stand up and keep trying.
    Thanks for the space:)

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