9 Aug

I know I said I would blog about Romance ideas but I’m going to save that for another day this week.  I recently had a question submitted to me and I’m going to address that first because it’s a bit different from what we’ve talked about so far.

Hey Ella,

I clicked on your site because of and I read from your first blog that you would address any topic. Well, I’m a workaholic, I write on the side, and well between my work life, and home life I just don’t have time for anything and I stress out.  There’s always something going on in my head, there’s always something that I need to do.  I work all day, get home late and pick up before unwinding for bed. Weekends, I try to see friends, and catch up with reality.  A love life is something that I hear about but am far from having one.  I guess what my question is what can I do to help with the stresses in my life and maybe find a little time for me?

Anonymous Male in Seattle

First off, thank you for submitting this question. I enjoy helping my readers with love and guys/girls but you are a fresh reminder of why I started this site.  I am The Modern Therapist and you are who I am here for so I’m really excited that I get to cover different topics with you all.  And please let me put that out as a reminder once again. I am here for you.

If you happen to be a new reader who has encountered my page through craigslist, stumble upon, word of mouth, however! Thank you for viewing and please read my first blog here or check out the “About part of my page. Now let’s get to it.


First thing you need to remember is you are human.  We can’t juggle everything that we’d like to do. By what you wrote, it’s obvious you are a busy person. I would suggest kind of making a planner or a chart of everything to you do.  It doesn’t have to be one that you strictly live by but for now just so you can visually see everything you do on a daily basis, everything you have to do, and everything you want to do.  Unfortunately, we only have 7 days to a week. I’m gonna take a guess and say Monday through Friday are the work days.  Now I don’t know how much time you have once you get home but try to take at least 1 hr of that time just for you! Use it to read, write, jog, walk, just something that will clear your head from your day and don’t talk to anyone, let this be an hr that is completely dedicated to you and you alone. On weekends, use a each day for something different.  Fridays hang with friends, Saturdays make an errand day and hang out in public places where you can meet people (Meeting DIFFERENT people by the way is the only way to reach a love life)!  Sundays try to make that Seattle’s day, your day where you do whatever the hell you want! Basically, you need to try to time manage your day-to-day life to try to ease the stresses of just breathing. One large tip I can give you though is to surround yourself with things that you like, whether it’s a certain scent or music, keep those around you to ease the tension and keep your balance and harmony.


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