Monogamy: Fact and Fiction

5 Aug

Ok, so my take on the situation. I’d say Fact! Let me rephrase that, Fact with Conditions. You see I do think monogamy is still practiced but I believe it’s a dying art these days.   It also doesn’t help when TV and Movies romanticize affairs! They make it seem like it’s fun and adventurous to cheat on your partner.  And people are so consumed with facial and physicality that they jump into a relationship merely based off of looks but they’re not getting a connection. So why stay with that person if there is no spiritual or emotional connection? I’m thinking sexual attraction is what drives most couples because I’ve noticed these days that people don’t seem to go off of the “good personality” charm anymore. They want the tall, good looking ones that go to the gym or the petite, model types with the subtle, toned bodies. So when they start their new venture, the looks of it all starts to phase out, and one or the other ends up cheating on their partner. But why cheat instead of break up? Because they are already comfortable with that person so they stick around! It’s always easier to stay with the person you are already used to, then having to start all over in the dating pool.  I did a survey on couples around the city and I was a little surprised with the results. The couples that claimed to have a monogamous relationship also claimed to have a deep connection with that person and seemed to be genuinely happy. I was reminded that beauty IS only skin deep and at the end of the day you just want to be with that person that makes you feel good. It’s more about a 1 on 1 connection with that person, to be able to laugh with them, cry with them and be real.  Now to be fair, the whole statistic of the “monogamous couple” was very bleak. In fact, every 3 out of 5 couples had cheated on each other and at least 2 out of every 5 claimed to not have much in common with the other person. But for the lucky 40% out there, it left me with hope that the monogamous type is still out there and the trend could steadily be on the rise again.


One Response to “Monogamy: Fact and Fiction”

  1. Carolina August 5, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    Hi Ella
    Well in my opinion the answer is very simple… monogamy should be must in a relationship, I think that since the first moment that cheating crosses your mind you’re already being unfaithful not only to the person you’re with but most importantly to yourself…. there’s no justification for cheating, of course in some cases it could be understandable I’m not saying it’s right either but if you made a mistake one time and you regret it it’s different than when people do it out of revenge like your friend or like her fiancée that didn’t even have a reason to and obviously did it because his feelings for her changed and he wasn’t men enough to face her and let her go. Out of all I think that when couples stop being monogamous it’s because there’s no love nor respect in the relationship and those are the most beautiful feelings you could ever have for someone.
    Thank you for reading my comment.
    Great question by the way:)

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