Monogamy: Fact or Fiction?

4 Aug

Two of my good friends are both engaged to be married (Yay!).  One has been in their relationship for 9 years, the other 6.  If you had to guess which couple stayed monogamous who would it be? You were wrong.. It was the 9 year one! Both of my friends claim to be very happy with their significant others but Friend B continuously cheated on their boyfriend even after accepting the engagement. The question is just there, “Why?” She claims that it started because he had cheated on her previously (dated, broken up, got back together) and it was like a form of revenge BUT if it was just revenge shouldn’t it have stopped after the first time, more so, was revenge even relevent to the situation? When you agree to get back with an ex, you are agreeing to forgive, forget, and accept the past and start new with that person.. OBVIOUSLY since you thought they were good enough to get back with! The questions kept running around in my head and got me thinking, Is there still such thing as monogamy or just monogamy until the spark runs thin?

I’m curious to know what you all think.. Post your comments and I’ll give my opinion on the situation on tomorrow’s blog!


One Response to “Monogamy: Fact or Fiction?”

  1. LA Reader August 4, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    Being faithful to ANYTHING, let alone ANYONE is a hard task. Think about how many times we switch brands, clothes, etc. I feel that when you agree to be in a monogamous relationship, you are making the commitment to be with that one person. Unless it’s one of those open arrangements, if you agree to monogamy — stick it out! If you stray, you’re not being a person who is serious about their commitment…and in that case, you should walk away and go do your thing and actually be with someone when you are ready to do that. Cheating is carelessness. Cheating is a poor excuse for not being able to exercise self-control. Monogamy is possible, for those who truly WANT it. But it’s hard work — and again, commitment. In your relationships, as with all things in life, you get exactly what you plant in your garden.

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