Brighter than Sunshine

3 Aug

This question really touched me because the person reminds me so much of my best friend.  He is such an extradinarily beautiful man who for some reason waits for love instead of going after it. I wish he saw what I see in him and hopefully this blog is a refresher.

Lost in LA

 Dear Ella–

I met a guy who I am convinced is my soulmate. We are great friends, and the more I get to know him, the more special he becomes to me. I’m in this very deep. The problem: he is dating another guy. The timing is so off, it’s not even funny. I feel like the universe is playing a bad joke on me. But I know deep down there’s a strong connection between us — always a great foundation for a friendship, but I know with time it could lead to more. So…am I fooling myself? How do I minimize this heartache? 

The universe always has a way of playing jokes on us. They say everything happens for a reason and we all question that more than we believe it I’m sure. The thing with timing is I just don’t invest in it. I, myself always make a timeline of when I want something done or accomplished and it almost never happens that way but somehow still has a way of working itself out even if it’s not that perfect way that I wanted. So as for this soulmate, I’m gonna ask and I know it’s hard but have you actually expressed your feelings to this guy? Not subtle hints or flirty messages but really had the “heart to heart” that we all fear doing? My guess is no.. And if you haven’t, why haven’t you? I’m sure you’re scared of what that would lead to, good OR bad but if there is already a strong connection and a deep friendship between the two of you then I think you owe it to him to let him know all his options. Maybe it will not lead to anything except the friendship that you already carry BUT and I do mean BUT, it will plant the seed of what a possible future could be between the two of you and it will release you from the feelings you are choking on. I don’t think you are fooling yourself though, we as humans have it in our nature to know when we feel something is there as well as when that person flickers an inkling of interest back. My suggestion, if he truly means as much to you as you say, do the heart to heart but when you are ready. Collect your thoughts, collect your feelings and sit on the words for awhile until you do this. In the mean time, keep living and when I say living, I mean do things, get out, meet people, have fun. Life is to live not just to exist.


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