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2 Aug

So I want to thank you all for your interest but most importantly for your questions.. That’s what I strive off of. There were only a couple of questions but you know for the first day, not bad. I mean, I get it.. Maybe you’re uneasy, brand new site, never heard of me, or the whole “What if someone actually recognizes my question and knows who I am?!” Ahh!! I get it, it’s fine.  If you have a concern or a request on how you’re addressed, let me know. I am here to work with you and we will figure out together how to address your question! So without further ado here we go!


Mindy from Chicago

I met this guy, we talked, we clicked, we exchanged numbers. I hadn’t heard from him after a few days so I decided to call him, he answered said he’d call me back and he didn’t.  After he didn’t call back the next day I tried calling him again and I’ve become more familiar with his voicemail than him. Why do guys go through the whole process if they’re not even going to talk to you?

The thing with guys Mindy, they love the “game.” Maybe this guy was single, maybe he was in a relationship, it really doesn’t matter because his plan was never to follow through with you.  As sad as it is to say, you may have just been a mark on his tally sheet for that week, hell even that day.  My suggestion, play the game back; the ones that call are the ones worth knowing.


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